We've got a Guitarist! 

Great news. After a long search, we have finally agreed on a lead guitarist to take over from Steve. It was a difficult choice, but in the end, there can be only one 'winner'. So welcome Ant. His debut was at the Coach and Horses in Stevenage on Friday, where we went down a storm. It was a major effort on his part, not least because he had to learn about 40 songs within a fortnight, all of which were executed without any drama. Outstanding Sir. We are all looking forward to many more. 

So, now we have a bit of stability back the work begins to bring some new material into the set. 

Thank You Steve 

The band would like to say a big thank you to Steve Revier. Due to work commitments he has had to move on, and will now be immortalised in our Previous Dinosaurs section. Steve has been an outstanding lead for us over the past couple of years, all hair, skill,talent and attitude. Ant, big boots to fill, but we know that you are up to it.

Steve has been a bit busy on the music front recently as well, covering bass duties with Thirteen Stars supporting Hayseed Dixie on their UK tour. Only a few dates left so get your tickets quick.

Steve's last gig with the Dinosaurs was on Saturday at the Black Horse in Chelmsford. We played to a packed house, and it was a fitting farewell for a top bloke. 

Thank you Steve, and we wish you all the best. 

Good News Bad News 

Another member change / update announcement.

After being relatively stable for a while, we have run into some some personnel / band member "challenges".


Glen, our drummer had to call it a day with us as to allow him to pursue other things. We continue to stay in touch, and he has been back a couple of times to help us out on the drumming front. Talking about drums, we now have two drummers. Tony, who plays full time in a functions band, and Mark, who plays in an original band. Neither can commit to us on a full time basis, due to their other well paying gigs, but as we have found out, two can be better than none. Both bring their own style to the band, and fit in really well. Everyone is happy with the arrangement, and it has delivered a bit of stability. Counting up the tally, over the last year we have made extensive use of deps, and there have been ten of them. That's a lot of rehearsal time. 


We got some sad news at the weekend with regards to Steve, our outstanding young shredder. Steve has taken up the opportunity to move a little further north, and as such a 350 mile round trip for gigs will be a bit out of the question for him. He will be with us for a few more gigs, so if you want to see him in action, The Black Horse in Chelmsford on the 22nd of July is looking like his last appearance with the Dinosaurs. Come on down and wish him well. 

So.... The Dinosaurs are now looking for a new lead guitarist. As you know we are a bunch of old gits, but the "guitar hero" position has been filled by a hairy youngster. If that sounds like you, and you can shred as well as do the melodic stuff, then give us a shout via The Rock Dinosaurs Facebook page or Facebook messanger.

We've Got A Drummer! 

Welcome Glen
Those of you who have been following us will have seen us play with a number great of drummers over the past few months, It's been fun, but it has meant that the set hasn't evolved too much. Now the good news. Glen Buck has signed along the bottom line, and with a couple of rehearsals now behind him will be delivering the thunder for the Dinosaurs. His first gig is on the 12th of Feb at the Rose & Crown Haverhill. Come along and check out the new line-up. And just for a treat we have a pile of new stuff for you as well.

Thank You Nik.
A big shout to Nik Szymanek. Great bloke and superb drummer behind VT11 He has performed a steadfast job with us and filled the spot on an almost permanent basis. He's played some great gigs with us, but the most memorable him must have been Molloys in Colchester in December. Must have been about 100 people singing along to Livin On A Prayer. Thank you VT11 for letting that happen. If you ever want to see an awesome heavy rock / prog band (on a night that the Dinosaurs aren't playing of course), then we recommend that you check them out.

Thank You Tony.
The same for Tony Mumford of That Eighties Band. He's stepped up to the plate a few times for us as well. The Grapes last month was outstanding. If you are looking for a drum tutor and live near Haverhill you could do a lot worse. 

Thank You Steve.
Steve the Heaters Henderson of The Heaters. Another great bloke and superb drummer. Half decent backing vocals as well. If you need a dep drummer he might just be your man.

What's New 

Hello Steve
It has been a whole since our last update, so here is the news. Jack now has his feet well and truly under the desk at the Guns 'N Roses Experience, and we have a new lead guitarist who is shredding his way into the Rock Dinosaurs Hall of Fame. Who is this young gun? Steve Revier. You can check out his channel on YouTube

An excellent addition to our line-up and now feels like a veteran. Check him out at our next gig. 

All Change 

Goodbye Jack
Well, we have had a busy few weeks here at Dino HQ. As you know, our Lead Guitarist, Jack Warren, has now played his last official Gig with us. We played to an awesome crowd at The Bay Horse, Sudbury on the 12th of September  - thank you Spunky Monkey - with lead guitar duties being covered (pun intended) by Paul from VT11 and The Cowboys From Mars. Awesome job, and some funny moments to keep us on our toes. We seem to making a habit of employing VT11 personnel, since Nik helped us out at the Pickerel in Stowmarket, back on the 4th of August. Thanks again guys, and a great rock band to drop in and watch (if the Dino's aren't playing that is).
Goodbye Richard
Anyway, the subject of this post is 'All Change', and for good reason. Not only has Jack moved on to pastures new, we also received the resignation letter from Richard, our drummer. Those of you that know us will be aware that he commutes from Germany most weekends for gigs, but unfortunately a new day job makes this impossible. A real shame, but we wish him all the best. Hopefully he can find an oompah, hair metal or David Hasselhoff tribute band given his locale, to give them rhythm and a driving beat.
Bring in the New 
So where does that leave the Dinosaurs? Well, onwards up the evolutionary path I think. The last month seems to have been packed with auditions, rehearsals and gigs, but tonight is the night. The new look Dinosaurs have our first rehearsal with our new Lead Guitarist and Drummer. We've all had to learn new stuff, (it's a two way street after all), so fingers crossed it all goes well.  Who are the lucky musicians? We'll be taking some pics this evening, so watch this space....

Disaster and Opportunity 

The awesome lead guitarist, known as Jack (traitor) Warren, has decided that the grass is greener elsewhere. Actually in this instance we agree with him. Those that have seen him perform will know that he is a phenomenal talent, and surprise surprise, someone came knocking on his door looking for his services. Well actually, it was more of a posse with a mission, and an offer that only a mad man would refuse. So the artist previously known as jackwarrenguitar and loudlespaulcustom will now be known as Slash. He's been picked up to play the gold top with 'The Guns 'n Roses Experience'  . Outstanding tribute act, and we, at Dino HQ are delighted for him. 

The Dino's are now slightly deficient in the lead guitar department. Auditions are now. We've seen a few, and have a few more to go. If you can play, and want to  join a busy working band playing a selection of the best rock anthems that the last 40 odd years have delivered, then get in touch. It could be your lucky day.