Disaster and Opportunity

The awesome lead guitarist, known as Jack (traitor) Warren, has decided that the grass is greener elsewhere. Actually in this instance we agree with him. Those that have seen him perform will know that he is a phenomenal talent, and surprise surprise, someone came knocking on his door looking for his services. Well actually, it was more of a posse with a mission, and an offer that only a mad man would refuse. So the artist previously known as jackwarrenguitar and loudlespaulcustom will now be known as Slash. He's been picked up to play the gold top with 'The Guns 'n Roses Experience'  . Outstanding tribute act, and we, at Dino HQ are delighted for him. 

The Dino's are now slightly deficient in the lead guitar department. Auditions are now. We've seen a few, and have a few more to go. If you can play, and want to  join a busy working band playing a selection of the best rock anthems that the last 40 odd years have delivered, then get in touch. It could be your lucky day.

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