We've Got A Drummer!

Welcome Glen
Those of you who have been following us will have seen us play with a number great of drummers over the past few months, It's been fun, but it has meant that the set hasn't evolved too much. Now the good news. Glen Buck has signed along the bottom line, and with a couple of rehearsals now behind him will be delivering the thunder for the Dinosaurs. His first gig is on the 12th of Feb at the Rose & Crown Haverhill. Come along and check out the new line-up. And just for a treat we have a pile of new stuff for you as well.

Thank You Nik.
A big shout to Nik Szymanek. Great bloke and superb drummer behind VT11 He has performed a steadfast job with us and filled the spot on an almost permanent basis. He's played some great gigs with us, but the most memorable him must have been Molloys in Colchester in December. Must have been about 100 people singing along to Livin On A Prayer. Thank you VT11 for letting that happen. If you ever want to see an awesome heavy rock / prog band (on a night that the Dinosaurs aren't playing of course), then we recommend that you check them out.

Thank You Tony.
The same for Tony Mumford of That Eighties Band. He's stepped up to the plate a few times for us as well. The Grapes last month was outstanding. If you are looking for a drum tutor and live near Haverhill you could do a lot worse. 

Thank You Steve.
Steve the Heaters Henderson of The Heaters. Another great bloke and superb drummer. Half decent backing vocals as well. If you need a dep drummer he might just be your man.

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