Good News Bad News

Another member change / update announcement.

After being relatively stable for a while, we have run into some some personnel / band member "challenges".


Glen, our drummer had to call it a day with us as to allow him to pursue other things. We continue to stay in touch, and he has been back a couple of times to help us out on the drumming front. Talking about drums, we now have two drummers. Tony, who plays full time in a functions band, and Mark, who plays in an original band. Neither can commit to us on a full time basis, due to their other well paying gigs, but as we have found out, two can be better than none. Both bring their own style to the band, and fit in really well. Everyone is happy with the arrangement, and it has delivered a bit of stability. Counting up the tally, over the last year we have made extensive use of deps, and there have been ten of them. That's a lot of rehearsal time. 


We got some sad news at the weekend with regards to Steve, our outstanding young shredder. Steve has taken up the opportunity to move a little further north, and as such a 350 mile round trip for gigs will be a bit out of the question for him. He will be with us for a few more gigs, so if you want to see him in action, The Black Horse in Chelmsford on the 22nd of July is looking like his last appearance with the Dinosaurs. Come on down and wish him well. 

So.... The Dinosaurs are now looking for a new lead guitarist. As you know we are a bunch of old gits, but the "guitar hero" position has been filled by a hairy youngster. If that sounds like you, and you can shred as well as do the melodic stuff, then give us a shout via The Rock Dinosaurs Facebook page or Facebook messanger.

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