All Change

Goodbye Jack
Well, we have had a busy few weeks here at Dino HQ. As you know, our Lead Guitarist, Jack Warren, has now played his last official Gig with us. We played to an awesome crowd at The Bay Horse, Sudbury on the 12th of September  - thank you Spunky Monkey - with lead guitar duties being covered (pun intended) by Paul from VT11 and The Cowboys From Mars. Awesome job, and some funny moments to keep us on our toes. We seem to making a habit of employing VT11 personnel, since Nik helped us out at the Pickerel in Stowmarket, back on the 4th of August. Thanks again guys, and a great rock band to drop in and watch (if the Dino's aren't playing that is).
Goodbye Richard
Anyway, the subject of this post is 'All Change', and for good reason. Not only has Jack moved on to pastures new, we also received the resignation letter from Richard, our drummer. Those of you that know us will be aware that he commutes from Germany most weekends for gigs, but unfortunately a new day job makes this impossible. A real shame, but we wish him all the best. Hopefully he can find an oompah, hair metal or David Hasselhoff tribute band given his locale, to give them rhythm and a driving beat.
Bring in the New 
So where does that leave the Dinosaurs? Well, onwards up the evolutionary path I think. The last month seems to have been packed with auditions, rehearsals and gigs, but tonight is the night. The new look Dinosaurs have our first rehearsal with our new Lead Guitarist and Drummer. We've all had to learn new stuff, (it's a two way street after all), so fingers crossed it all goes well.  Who are the lucky musicians? We'll be taking some pics this evening, so watch this space....

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